Exabytes Instant Dedicated Server with Unlimited Data Transfer [Sponsored]

exabytes instant dedicated server

Early in the morning, as soon as you step in office, your boss say to you, “We need a powerful dedicated server in Malaysia with unlimited data transfer by today’s afternoon.”

What would you do? “It’s impossible!”, would you bold enough to answer your boss?

Do not panic, if that ever happens to you. Check out Exabytes Instant Dedicated Server.

Instant Dedicated Server

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Exabyte’s Instant Dedicated Server (IDS) is high performance dedicated server with high bandwidth and RAM. Unbelievably, your IDS will be ready in only 4 hours!

Every IDS is powered by Intel Quad Core Xeon processor, 32GB RAM and 2x 1TB SATA HDD.

You can have up to 2x Intel Quad Core Xeon Processor E3–1230V2 3.30GHz 8MB for your busy website and computing power hungry web applications.

32GB RAM is a lot for a web server (my dedicated server was only 8GB). High RAM capacity helps in multitasking performance. The server can runs more tasks simultaneously without allocated memory limit.

The powerful hardware specs ensure the server can handle heavy workloads without sweat and runs your websites and applications smoothly.

Unlimited data transfer

You might already know that web hosting’s bandwidth is expensive. If your popular website/application exceeds allowed bandwidth, the bill could be more expensive than renting the server!

No worry! Exabytes offer UNLIMITED data transfer for both local and international bandwidth. Now you can sit back, relax and watch your server’s growing bandwidth usage without holding your credit card.

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Every IDS also has 30Mbps dedicated bandwidth – 30x faster than entry-level dedicated server – to handle sudden surge in website traffic.

Do you know that, 30Mbps is the highest bandwidth offered in Malaysia?

Great for Malaysia high traffic websites

Instant Dedicated Server is hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (AIMS Data Centre), thus your local visitors can load your website in shortest time. Exabyte’s IDS is being used by high traffic websites in Malaysia.

IDS is dedicated web server, your website do not share any server resources with any other of Exabytes customer. The server is for yours and yours only!

The server’s 30Mbps bandwidth and unlimited data transfer are able to sustain high amount of traffic flow. The powerful specs of IDS is suitable to run websites and web applications require high resources and stability:

  • Online news portal
  • Online marketing campaign that expecting high traffic
  • Dedicated email server to host your company email services
  • Host web/application with full control on server’s end
  • Keep high traffic e-commerce website online, especially during promotion period

Instant Dedicated Server plans

Exabytes’ Instant Dedicated Server plans available in single core or dual core. Exabytes guaranteed 4 hours setup for 3 default operating system options:

  • CentOS (Linux) only
  • CentOS + cPanel control panel
  • Windows 2008 Server + Smartermail mailbox.

Of course, you also have the flexibility to install any kind of OS or software! (no 4 hours setup guaranteed)

The price is start from RM599/month. No long term commitment for the hosting plan, the minimum contract is only 1 month.

Visit Exabytes for more information and configurations.

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