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FindTheBest is a comparison engine with unbiased data (meaning the retailers don’t pay the site to rank their product) and a Smart Ranking system that allows consumers to make informed and need-based purchases.

If you don’t know which smartphone will make you look the most intelligent, has the highest-quality camera capabilities or uses infrared technology, FindTheBest can help.

If you can’t decide which tablet is the best host for your GameStop obsessions or your client management platform, FindTheBest can help.

If you don’t know which laptop is lighter, has more memory or offers a better warranty, FindTheBest can help.

But, instead of telling you about the tool, we’ll use three head-to-head electronics battles to show you:

1. Battle of Bandwidth: The iPhone 4s vs. Droid RAZOR

Do you hear that buzz? It’s not the sound of your phone on vibrate (at least it’s not what we’re referring to), it’s the sound of major media attention around two of the hottest smartphones on the market: The iPhone 4s and the Droid Razor.

If you’re torn between these two ‘e-llustrious’ choices, use FindTheBest to compare their specs side-by-side to help you choose.


2. Tablet Tug-of-War: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

Tablets are also the talk of the town recently. Sure, you’ve heard of the iPad, but did you know which device ranks second? The Samsung Galaxy. Did you also know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is lighter and has better screen resolution than the Apple iPad 2?

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Take a look at the specs in this side-by-side comparison, the information might surprise you.


3. The Top Two Laptops: Apple Macbook Air 13-inch Laptop vs. Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM/BJ Laptop

Coming in at around 3 lbs and $1,300, the Macbook air has he newest Intel Core i5 processors and OS X Lion, according to FindTheBest data. However, The bulkier Sony VAIO’s 2.4 GHz processor speed is about 1.3GHzs faster than the Apple product; but the VAIO only costs about $760.

See which one wins out in a head-to-head duel:

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