iTech FreeStereo Twins, the True Wireless Stereo Earphones

Don’t you hate your tangled earphones? Wireless earphones may be an alternative solution but they still have a wire between left and right earpieces.

Can we have real wireless wireless earphones that are totally free from the wire?

FreeStereo Twins wireless earphones

FreeStereo Twins wireless earphones

Introduce to you the iTech FreeStereo Twins Earphones. As suggested by its name, it consists of two individual wireless earpieces. Tangle-free and truly wireless.

Want to know more? Check out my review below.

What’s in the box?

Beside the FreeStereo Twins, the package includes a Charging Cradle, Comply memory foam ear tips, USB charging cable and three sizes of earbuds and stabilisers.

Unbox FreeStereo Twins wireless earphones

Unbox FreeStereo Twins wireless earphones

At the first glance, the earpieces look like other earphones but without wire. The earpieces are small and lightweight, even with the built-in battery.

FreeStereo Twins wireless earpiece

FreeStereo Twins wireless earpiece

Each earpiece has 3 buttons: volume up/down buttons at the side and a multi-function button at the top. The multi-function button can control power on/off, phone pairing, answer/end a call.

portable charging and storage box

portable charging and storage box

The charging and storage box is about the size of a matches box. It houses and charges the FreeStereo Twins via charging contacts. The transparent lid allows you to check the headset’s charging status at a glance.

How to setup?

Pairing iTech FreeStereo Twins with your smartphone is similar with other Bluetooth headsets. Because it has no wire connecting the earpieces, you need to pair them for the first time before pairing with a phone.

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To pair the headsets, make sure both headsets are off then press and hold the Multi-Function Button of both headsets for 8 seconds until status indicators flash blue and red alternately. They will then pair each other in around 10 seconds.

Once paired, the headsets is ready to pair with phone — Activate Bluetooth on smartphone and search for “FreeStereo Twins” and enter passcode “0000”

The left earpiece with remember the right earpiece and you would not need to pair them again with new mobile device.

Isn’t it smart?

iTech FreeStereo Twins Features

iTech FreeStereo Twins is lightweight and secure fit to ear with stabiliser. It also is sweat, water and oil resistant with Liquipel Watersafe technology.

FreeStereo Twins is comfortable earphones

FreeStereo Twins is comfortable earphones

The Comply premium earphone tips is a super soft expanding memory foam that blocks external noise for outstanding audio performance.

In addition to listening music, the FreeStereo Twins has a built-in microphone to answer calls. It also comes with voice prompt to tell you the earphone’s status.

You may also separate the twins, convert them into two independent mono sound channel headsets to suit your needs in different scenarios.

Charging box can charge FreeStereo Twins for 4 times

Charging box can charge FreeStereo Twins for 4 times

The portable charging and storage box has enough power to charge the device up to 4 times. The charging time for the charging cradle is about 2 hours via micro USB port.

iTech FreeStereo Twins battery life is up to 2 hours music time or 2.5 hours talk time. The headsets charging time is about 1 hour.

Who is it for?

iTech FreeStereo Twins is truly wireless, lightweight and sweat-resistant, making it the best sports headphones while you exercise.

Of course, anyone who hates a tangled earphones would also love the true wireless design.

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Where to buy?

iTech Freestereo Twins price in Malaysia is RM 499 included GST.

You can buy it online stores, such as YHS Online Stores, Lazada, Superbuy. It is also available at IT stores like IT Hyperstore, Flash Gadget, Smartworld (Emart Pudu), and Uni One Tech.

Alcom Networks Sdn. Bhd. is the Malaysia authorised sole distributor. The wholesale & service center is located at 2nd Floor, Lot 2.050 & 051, Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, please visit i.Tech Malaysia Facebook Page.

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