Google Talk – the Instant Messenger by Google

Google TalkGoogle launched another beta project – Google Talk. It is an instant messenger software, just like the MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, etc. But, it is from Google. Big deal.

Google Talk

Read on for first hand brief review on Google Talk.

How to get Google Talk?

Google Talk Download (900KB). It is free and currently ad free.

How to login Google Talk?

Launch Google Talk after installed it. You will see the Google Talk login interface as following:

Google Talk login

Use your Gmail user id(with/without “”) and password to login. Google Talk takes slightly longer time to login (about 10 seconds) than other IMs. Sometimes, it even return connection error.

Google Talk connection error

Google Talk server cannot handle the tsunami type connection request?

Google Talk User Experience

Google Talk

Google Talk is light weight (< 10MB system memory), simple and Mac OS like beautiful interface. To add a friend, you can search your Gmail contact list from Google Talk. Or send an invitation email.

The chat window can be collapse or expand. However, there is no emoticons (thanks, google!). Also, it does not support file transfer (yet?).

Note that Google Talk support voice call naturally. Read blewtooth‘s Google Talk Vs. Skype review.

For more information, please read Getting Started with Google Talk.

Use other IM Clients to connect to Google Talk server

Google Talk is actually using Jabber IM protocol. Therefore, other Jabber IM clients may connect to Google Talk server, too! See the Google Talk IM clients compatible list.

Currently, Google Talk only support Windows platform. OSX user can use iChat to chat with other Google Talk users, and Linux user can use GAIM.

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I believe many people are excited with the new Google software. No? You think it is “Just another IM client.”?

Personally I like its simple and lightweight interface. It is not system resources hungry, I don’t mind to have it running along with my other IM client.

However, I had difficuilty to re-connect back after log off, I guess it is due to the mass connection requests.

By the way, you need to have Gmail account in order to log in Google Talk. If you don’t, get a Gmail invitation from me at liewcf dot com at gmail dot com

Well, Google is not longer a search engine, it is going to be EVERYTHING! Scare?

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