How to Get 2000 Feed Subscribers in 12 Days

CollisHow We Took a Blog From 0 to 2000 Subscribers in just 12 Days” Collis shared his tips to get over 2000 feed subscribers in just 12 days for new blog, FreelanceSwitch, in 3 months. Amazing!

Collis shared the tips that made it possible:

  1. Choosing the right niche — choose a valuable (low competition and high demands) and very focussed niche topic. Read: Blogging in an Oversaturated Market is Usually a Poor Decision
  2. Leveraging existing assets and knowledge — Lead existing readers to new blogs. Apply experiences learned from the past to the new blog.
  3. Writing some pillar articles

    “they(pillar articles) are the sort of posts that stand the test of time, that are the shining examples of what your blog is about.”

    Collis recommends the free ebook “Killer Flagship Content” by Chris Garrett.

  4. Utilize Social media to its best advantage — Collis wrote a bookmarkable article “101 Essential Freelancing Resources” to get traffic from Social Medias. He also send the post to some big blogs and got listed. Collis also purchased StumbleUpon Ads to send 1000 visitors to the article URL. From there the bookmarks flooded in and bring in 15,000 visitors in about a day. Many visitors had become feed subscribers then.
  5. Design to look like a Professional Outfit — Make a custom design for your blog to make it looks professional to new visitors.

Nice tips, right? LiewCF Tech Blog is too late to choose a very focus niche (well, what I have now was not planned). The 2nd tips is not applicable as well. I unintentionally wrote a few blog posts that got very popular.

I tried SU ads after reading the article. Spent $300, and I see increased traffic and subscribers. Thanks to the nature of StumbleUpon, I do not see traffic decrease after the ad period.

For the professional outfit, a new design is coming soon. It has been delayed for months as I planned. shrug

10 more ways to get subscribers

Looking for more tips to increase subscribers? Read “10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers” by CopyBlogger.

  1. Make feed subscription easy and obvious
  2. Focus on a particular topic
  3. Offer free gift to subscribers. It can be done by autoresponder for email subscribtions, or Feedvertising plugin for site feed.
  4. Create viral ebooks and give away for free or bundled for sale with other products. Use the free ebook to promote your blog.
  5. Create a dedicated subscription landing page. Read: 5 Steps to Pay Per Click Advertising That Works
  6. Become a guest blogger of other blogs, require a very brief byline at the end of the post, with a link back to your site. Write original content.
  7. Start a podcast on your blog topic and get it into various podcasting directories.
  8. Post in forums of your niche.
  9. Build up business relationship or friendship with other bloggers
  10. Find bloggers with related but not competitive niche and promote each other in RSS feeds using Feedvertising.
  11. Forget the previous tips if you are not writing the best content you can. Work on the content first.

That’s it for now. Hopefully you are inspired by the lists and have your blog subscribers number increased. :)

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