How to Merge Windows Live Messenger Contacts with Skype Account

Merge Windows Live Messenger with Skype

Microsoft have decided to kill 12-year-old Windows Live Messenger (WLM, was known as MSN Messenger) in all countries worldwide in the first quarter of 2013, except China. Existing Messenger users are encouraged to migrate to Skype, their contacts will be merged. Currently, Skype has around 280 million monthly active users. The merge will add Messenger’s 100 million+ users to Skype.

[box type=”info”]On 10 May 2011, Microsoft Corporation acquired Skype Communications for US$8.5 billion.[/box]

In this article, I show you how to merge your Windows Live Messenger contacts with Skype account.

How to merge Messenger contacts with Skype account?

  1. Download and install the latest version of Skype.
  2. Launch Skype and logout your existing Skype account (if any).
  3. Sign in using your Microsoft Account (Messenger, Hotmail, or
  4. Then, sign in your existing Skype account by clicking “I have a Skype account”. That will merge your Windows Live Messenger contacts with your existing Skype account.

    Sign in Skype account to merge Messenger contacts

    Sign in Skype account to merge Messenger contacts

  5. Done. Now you can chat with your friends on Windows Live Messenger network, Skype, as well as Facebook — all in one application.

Why Skype?

According to Skype, here are few advantages of Skype over Messenger:

  • Broader device support for all platforms, including iPad and Android tablets
  • Instant messaging, video calling, and calling landlines and mobiles all in one place
  • Sharing screens
  • Video calling on mobile phones
  • Video calling with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling

LiewCF’s Two Cents

I seldom sign in Windows Live Messenger nowadays. Probably because I am on Mac, or because my WLM friends are no longer active (Thanks to Facebook!). The contacts merge is simple and easy.

I am not surprise to see Microsoft kill Messenger and move the user base to Skype. Skype is the Microsoft’s answer to the Google Talk, and Apple’s iMessenger + Facetime! On the recently launched Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Skype runs in background and works like your phone calls.

Skype will be huge!

(via TNW, Skype Blog)

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