HowTo: Speed Up Acrobat Reader 6.0

You read PDF files, don’t you?

PDF file is file format of Adobe Acrobat, it features 100% cross platform documents. A PDF file can be read without any change of look, no matter your are using MS Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, or even PDA!

The current latest Adobe Acrobat Reader version is 6.0. It has a lot new features(read: slower to load) than version 5.

However, all the feature I want is only able to read simple PDF file. Therefore, those plug-insssss are useless for me. Those plug-insssss make the loading of Acrobat Reader take long time on my poor PC.

Here is my simple way to speed up Acrobat Reader loading speed:

  1. Goto Acrobat Reader installation folder(C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader for mine)
  2. Rename the evil folder – plug_ins – to something else(I name it “plug_ins_bak”).
  3. Done! (too fast? :P )

After rename the plug_ins folder, Acrobat Reader no longer load those plug-ins at startup and much faster to load now. Yeah!

Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0

Update: Optional DLL Files
There are few DLL(dynamic link library) files in Acrobat Reader folder are NOT required to load Acrobat Reader. They are: edb1drv.dll, edb500x.dll, esdupdate.dll, Onix32.dll, vdk150.dll.

Create a new folder in Acrobat Reader installation folder, and move these dll files into the new folder. Launch Acrobat Reader and you get no error! :)

(Save your breath to try other DLL files in the same folder. I have tried them all, except you have other DLL file that I dun have in my installation.)

This trick is not been EXTREME tested. If anything goes wrong, just restore back the files/folder.

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