Exclusive: Lazada Discount Coupon Codes for LiewCF.com Readers

Lazada Discount

Lazada Malaysia offers exclusive e-vouchers to LiewCF.com readers for RM20 discount or 3% off on gadget purchases.

Did you use the free RM150 Lazada discount coupon I shared previously? Now, after meeting with Lazada Malaysia, I have 2 different  Lazada e-vouchers exclusively for all LiewCF.com readers.

Lazada is a Malaysia online shopping mall with large selection of products and free nationwide shipping.

Learn how to redeem your Lazada discount code after the break.

Lazada discount coupon code

RM20 discount coupon voucher for Lazada purchase

RM20 discount coupon voucher for Lazada purchase

The first one is RM20 off on RM100 (or above) purchase. Buy RM100 and above, you get RM20 discount.

3% off for electronics purchase on Lazada

3% off for electronics purchase on Lazada

The second is 3% off for electronics, mobiles and tablets. Those gadgets has higher price tags, 3% discount will save you more bucks than RM20 coupon above.

Interested? Visit http://www.lazada.com.my/liewcf/ (yes, an exclusive page for this blog on Lazada website!) and follow the instructions to redeem your discount vouchers. Feel free to share the link to everyone.

The vouchers are valid till July 11, 2012 only and can be used for 1 time purchase only for each customer.

I am honest to you that…

I make a few bucks from Lazada for every successful purchase using the discount vouchers. “You get Lazada discounts, Lazada buys me a cup of coffee.” Fair enough, right?

Though I will be happy if you buy on Lazada, but my conscience wants me to tell you that…

Lazada has no delivery tracking system (yet) and they might takes a little longer time to reply your queries. It will be worse if your product is not in Lazada’s stock.

That’s a frustrating problem because you don’t know when you will receive your orders. In fact, Lazada recognized the problem and posted a “We’re sorry for the delay” status update on their facebook page.

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So, if you don’t mind the issue, use my Lazada discount code to save some money.

P.S. There are other Malaysian bloggers who receive the exclusive Lazada offer, too! Feel free to their codes for your other Lazada purchases. (I’m in helpful mode) ;-)

I would like to thank Lazada for giving the free vouchres. Interesting in sponsoring? I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with me.

Update: Here is a better Lazada discount coupon which give you RM50 off for RM100 or more purchase: DEF2 (I don’t get commission for this code.)

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