At Last, Google Maps Turn-by-turn Navigation Available for Android in Malaysia. Coming soon for iOS?

Google Maps app for Android tablet (left) and smartphone showing new interface and turn-by-turn navigation in Malaysia

Google Maps app for Android tablet (left) and smartphone showing new interface and turn-by-turn navigation in Malaysia (Image credit: )

At last, Malaysia Android users receives turn-by-turn navigation feature in the new Google Maps app. While Google Maps app is yet available in Malaysia App Store, Google Malaysia hints that it is “coming soon”.

Google Maps app for Android has been redesigned and updated with several new features, such as explore new places, discover local favorites and improved navigation. New Google Map app is gradually rolling out globally in Google Play and will soon available in Apple App Store.

For Malaysians, the most exciting feature is local map turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps app. My friend, Hanson Toh (ex-Googler) first revealed the new feature in a facebook post, and Google Malaysia confirmed in a tweet:

Yes, Google Map Navigation is not a new feature, it is available since 2010. But Malaysians have been waiting for too long that we are all now using famous Waze (now acquired by Google) for navigation. reported that Google Maps navigation for Malaysia includes traffic information, dynamic rerouting, as well as public transport integration with route and fee prediction.

That’s cool!

Now, where is Google Maps for iOS in Malaysia?

Malaysia iOS users have been waiting for Google Maps app in App Store ever since Apple decided to abandon Google Maps in iOS and use in-house developed Apple Maps.

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Apple Maps in Malaysia is so lousy that you are lucky if the app found a place you search for. The default search result is “No Results Found”. (so lousy that even Apple apologized).

Currently, Google Maps is only available for Malaysian iOS users in web version. It is difficult to navigate and it keeps asking you to download the mobile app version from App Store, ignoring the fact that it is not available in Malaysia App Store!

Google Maps for iOS is coming soon to Malaysia App Store?

After Google Malaysia’s tweet, my friend, Jason Lioh, immediately tweet Google Malaysia.

Google Malaysia replied “as soon as we get App Store approval”. That sounds like a good news! But when did Google submit the app for approval in Malaysia App Store?

We know that App Store approval period takes from few days to few weeks.

Could we expect Google Maps app for iOS available in Malaysia in next few weeks? Would Apple disapprove it in Malaysia, despite that the map app has been approved in over 40 countries?

[box type=”info”]Update: Now Google Maps for iOS is available for Malaysians![/box]

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