How To Apply Maxis RM1 Unlimited Internet Data Plan via Opera Mini

Maxis RM1 Unlimited Internet Opera Mini

Maxis Berhad partnered with Opera Software to launch unlimited web browsing plan via Opera Mini browser for as low as RM1 a day.

The Opera Mini data plan is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. It will be delivered via the web pass platform, no monthly subscribtion fee. Just apply for the Internet pass whenever you like.

How to apply Maxis RM1 Unlimited Internet

  1. Make sure your mobile phone has installed the Opera Mini browser (version 4.4, and above). Click here for free download.
  2. Launch the Opera Mini browser on your mobile phone and click/tap on the Speed Dial tab.
  3. Click/tap on “Unlimited Internet RM1/day” to buy the pass.

    Maxis Opera Mini browser with RM1 Internet pass in Speed Dial

    Maxis Opera Mini browser with RM1 Internet pass in Speed Dial

  4. An activation SMS will be sent to you. The pass is vaild for 24 hours after activated.

The Opera Mini data plan is available for Opera Mini browser 4.4, and above on BlackBerry, J2ME, S60 and Android phones (Sorry, iPhone and iPad users!).

What’s the catch?

Before you are too excited about the low cost Internet pass, please note that standard data charges will apply if you…

  • access Internet via other mobile browsers.
  • access Internet via mobile applications.
  • access video and music streaming websites (read: youtube).

In other word, the RM1 Opera Mini Daily Unlimited Pass is valid to be used with Opera Mini browser on websites with text/image only.

What is Opera Mini?

Opera Mini is a web browser designed for mobile devices. It promises to improve web pages loading speed and reduces data usage by requesting web pages through Opera Software’s servers, which process and compress web pages before send to your mobile phone.


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