Why Network Management Is Fundamental To Business Success [Sponsored]

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A business without an effective network management solution is a business flying blind in sky full of fast moving hazards. If you cannot see where the trouble is coming from, you cannot move to avoid it or make adjustments to eliminate the issue in the future.

If there is not a system in place that allows for top-level administrators in your business to have immediate and transparent insight into the business network, there is limited insight into key business aspects such as:

  • Planning
  • Change Management
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Capital Expenditure Control

Simply put, you cannot manage what you cannot see.  Your network management system should work harder than you do, around the clock in fact, and it should be providing you with information that illuminates important details such as:

  • Connectivity
  • Traffic
  • Faults
  • Inventory
  • Detailed reporting

When Your Network Is Effective Your Capital Expenditure By Nature Will Decrease

A business that has not implemented proactive network management solutions is subjected to the financial drain that occurs with network issues such as: trouble shooting, device management, change management and planning.

If you leverage an option that integrates all the major functions of network management and which provides the automation to give you clear visibility into you network you will:

  • Save staff time
  • Eliminate human error
  • Reduce consulting fees exponentially

If you are using older, out-dated management tools you don’t have the advantage of having your discovery tool capabilities automatically updated on your network and then having that data distributed to the key functions it is required to support, such as:

  • Topology maps
  • Reporting
  • Event management
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Disjointed systems often create more work and invite human error into your network and out-dated topology can render a network ineffective.

How Network Management Improves Business Ability

When there is a network error the ideal scenario is that it is found and fixed before anyone actually notices it. This is the goal of effective management within your network. By being able to do this your business will have:

  • Enormous gains in efficiency
  • Superior availability
  • Stability and exceptional performance

The True Cost of Poor Network Management

When everything is working, everything is great, however, networks are constantly changing and without a proactive system in place you are blind to both current problems and potential problems. The true cost of poor network management is far-reaching.

For example, if your event management dashboard is overloaded and you cannot distinguish one event from another, then, Houston, you have a problem. In this case you are not only blind-folded, you are blindfolded with the added indignity of having your hands tied behind your back as you spend your business resources and revenue on your trouble shooters and consultants who have to sift through the chaos and then invoice you for their efforts, which may or not be successful.

Do you know:

  • What the real problem is?
  • Where to even start looking for the issue?
  • What are the symptoms of the actual problem?
  • Why certain applications are not available at a given time?
  • What is the important issue to focus on, and what can wait

If you do not know the answers to the above bullet points then you are in need of assistance.

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If you do not know the answers to the above bullet points then you are in need of assistance. If you cannot identify the problem, you cannot find it, if you cannot find it, you cannot fix it. If you are not fixing the right problem you are wasting time, money and resources.  For assistance visit Amcom for network managed solutions.

The Simple Solution

The problems are complex, however the solution is simple. Sophisticated network management will give your business:

  • 24-hour optimum network performance
  • Exponential productivity increases
  • The resolution of issues before they cause problems
  • Stability through maintenance and effective capacity and device management
  • Ongoing support
  • The ability to save enormous amounts of money
  • Scalable business options to meet demand
  • Security management options
  • Wireless management systems to suit your business needs are available

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