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OnlyWireHave you tried Socializer, the one to all social bookmark button? Here I introduce you an even better web service — OnlyWire.

Like Socializer, OnlyWire is a social bookmarking tool. But, OnlyWire is much better because it automatically bookmark to 15 social bookmark sites! Wow!

Here is the site list: Backflip, Blinklist, Blogmemes,, Feedmelinks, Furl, Linkroll, Looklater, ma.gnolia, Maple, Markaboo, Rawsugar, Shadows, Simpy, Wink


  1. Register a free OnlyWire account.
  2. After logging into your OnlyWire account, you will be asked to submit the username and password of the social bookmark sites. 15 of them, but you don’t need to fill in all. ;)
  3. Save your logins.
  4. Drag a OnlyWire bookmark link to your web browser’s toolbar. You will use the link to bookmark your site using OnlyWire.

Using OnlyWire

At the web page you want to bookmark, click on the OnlyWire link on browser’s toolbar. Depends on your OnlyWire link type (standard or frame), it will open a new page or frame header. From there, you can enter tags and comments.

OnlyWire bookmark page
OnlyWire bookmark page

All previous tags are recorded.The page title and URL is automatically inserted. You can also select your choice of social bookmark sites to be used. However, some site specified features are removed such as categories and rating.

My two cents

OnlyWire is great! It saves a lof of time to bookmark site to different social bookmark sites. It is now one of my Must-Have blogging tools! :)

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