Helps Malaysia Government Staff Exchange Their Working Location (Pertukaran Suka Sama Suka) front page front page is a simple web application that helps an important problem of Malaysia government staff who want to change their working location (“pertukaran suka sama suka”).

Problem: Pertukaran suka sama suka

If you are a Malaysia government staff who want to change your working location (say back to hometown), you can apply with Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) and hope there’s an empty position at the location of your choice. Most of the time, you are out of luck.

Alternatively, you can exchange your job position with someone else holding the same job position as you are at that particular location. For an example, if you are a F41 (F=IT sector, 41 = grade), you have to find someone who’s also F41 and that particular person must want to switch job position with you too. Then you apply at JPA for the job exchange. This process is known as “pertukaran suka sama suka” in Malay.

What is is a Ruby on Rails web application developed by Mohd Amree to make the “pertukaran suka sama suka” job searching easy.

You can search for existing job exchange requests by grade code and location. After registered, you can contact the poster, as well as publish your ad. is free to use and it is an open source project. The source code is available on Github.

LiewCF’s Two Cents

I never work for Malaysia government before. I don’t know it is so difficult to change your working location once assigned. helps to make the job exchange search easy and I think the JPA should include it in their system.

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