Preview of M2U 2.0, the new Maybank2u website

September 8th, 2008, a bunch of Malaysian bloggers and I have been invited to the private BETA preview of the redesigned Maybank2u website, or M2U 2.0.

screenshot of Maybank2u 2.0 website (click to enlarge)

About Maybank2u 2.0

Maybank2u is the first Internet banking in Malaysia which was launched in 2000. According to Maybank, there are 1 million active users and 90,000 new users per month. The site receives over 157 million page views per month.

The M2U 2.0 follows the development life cycle of discovery, usability testing, design and build. The new web design is built based on users’ feedback.

First impression of M2U 2.0

It is fresh, clean and organized! Much better than the existing Maybank2u website. No more flashy banners.

The Maybank services are categorized in tabs. Clicking a tab will show you the sub categories and the direct links to a service.

maybank2u 2.0 services
screenshot of Maybank2u 2.0 services (click to enlarge)

The website has a fixed width designed for 800×600 screen resolution, which is smaller than today’s standard 1024×768 (or bigger). The design does not match the “web 2.0 design” in my mind, which is described at “current web style“. I expected to use more AJAX too.

First transaction on M2U 2.0

After login to M2U 2.0, you are greeted by personal messages and list of text menu. No graphic here, which improves the loading speed.

screenshot of Maybank2u 2.0 after login (click to enlarge)

There is a quick link drop down at the top right corner for fast access to most used services. It would be better if the “go” button is removed and jump to the service once selected (less 1 mouse click).

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I tried M2U 2.0 for fund transfer with the following steps:

  1. Select “Transfers” from the Quick Link and click “Go” button.
  2. Click “Favourite 3rd party account transfer” (I have a favourite 3rd party account saved)
  3. Enter the amount to transfer, select account, and effective date. The recipient email is automatically filled up if you have enter one for the favourite account. Click “Continue” button.
  4. The details of the transaction will be shown and you will be asked to confirm. Click “Confirm” button to continue.
  5. The transaction will be proceeded and you can print the receipt after successful transaction. The receipt popup is similar to the existing Maybank2u website. It has script to disable the right clicking on the page, which is basically useless if you are using Firefox. :P

Bugs? Improvements?

  • The Maybank2U financial agent “M” should be active on the website instead of having to add into windows live messenger.
  • The effective date is a drop down menu as shown below:
    maybank2u date selector
    It is better to use a javascript calendar popup so that user can know the date and day (example: Saturday? Sunday?).
  • the “Update address” form under “Personal Details” only allows max width of 20 characters which is too short to fit most address.
  • Surf backward (click “Back” on web browser) will result session log out.
  • On any M2U 2.0 error, you will be bring back to existing Maybank2u website. You can’t go back to M2U 2.0 by pressing “Back” button (refer previous point)
  • Although M2U 2.0 has a new look but the website is still slow. There are not much changes at the backend. M2U 2.0 is only a facelift at this time.
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When will you see the M2U 2.0 website?

The redesigned Maybank2u website will be available as open preview at September 15th, 2008 and expected to launch at mid of October 2008. Until then, please bear with the existing Maybank2U website. ;)

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