Guide: Where to Queue & Buy iPad 2 in Malaysia?

Apple queue

MALAYSIA: You are excited about iPad 2 sales in Malaysia and can’t wait to buy it as soon as it available.

Now, where should you goto queue and buy iPad 2 in Malaysia? Read on for the “Malaysia iPad 2 Queue Guide”.

Apple resellers

If you are living in Kuala Lumpur area, try the Machines outlets. Here is the map of Machines outlets locations and contact number. They even has the iPad 2 Buying FAQ on facebook!

If you are living in Penang area, try Switch outlets. Both have confirmed that they will have iPad 2 sales tomorrow (April 29, 2011).

Friendly reminder: Make a call before you heading to the particular outlet to confirm the availability of iPad 2.

If you are planning to overnight in the mall (OMG!) to get the 1st queue number, please take note that some shopping malls do NOT allowed visitors stay after closing hour. Please call to confirm.

There are other Apple Premium Resellers in Malaysia, but they are quiet about iPad 2 (no announcement on website nor facebook). Anyway, you can try to enquiry them. Here is the official list of Apple Reseller Listing with their addresses and contact number.

Apple Online Store

Apple Malaysia Online Store will sell iPad 2, too. I called Apple Malaysia office but they cannot confirm that iPad 2 sales will be available tomorrow, despite that the Apple Store is currently down for update.

Update (April 29): Now you can order iPad 2 online but the shipping time is 1-2 weeks.

If you cannot get iPad 2 in the queue, then you might like to order iPad 2 online. That’s no sweat shopping, though the waiting time maybe longer (1-2 weeks).

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Hope these information help you to get your iPad 2 in Malaysia. Good luck!

[image courtesy of William Couch]

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