Guide to Send Photo from Picasa, via Gmail

Picasa 2 and Gmail

When I was checking Gmail, I see the “New features!” link. One is Gmail in basic HTML view. If previously your browser is not supported by Gmail, you can switch to Gmail basic HTML view.

The Gmail HTML view supports more browser by removing some features(e.g. auto complete, spell checking, etc).

The HTML view has nothing to do with me. I am using Firefox and fully supported by Gmail. :razz: However, the other new feature attracted me — Gmail works with Picasa.

Gmail now works with Picasa, Google’s free photo organizer. Use Picasa to easily find, edit and preview your photos. Log in to Gmail directly from Picasa and send the photos from your Gmail account. Picasa even automatically resizes your photos so they’re easier to receive and open. Your friends without such large email accounts will thank you. Learn more

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That’s nice! Google integrated its products together seamlessly. :)

I am not a Picasa user. I tried the previous version(current is Ver. 2), I found that it is hard to view photos using Picasa– cannot zoom in/out. It was just a photo organizer, and that’s it.

For the sake of new feature, I installed Picasa 2. Read on for “Gmail + Picasa = send photo email”

New Features

First of all, take a look of the new interface of Picasa 2.

Picasa 2 New Features

As you can see, the Picasa 2 has alot new features! The “Edit” photo function is easy to use and everyone can retouch their photos now. The “Make CD” let you easily burn out the photos for sharing/backup.

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Back to topic. Here I show you how to send photos from Picasa 2 using Gmail.

Step 1:

picasa email button

Open Picasa 2, you got few buttons at the bottom toolbar. Click on the email button.

Step 2:
After clicking the email button, you will see the “Select Email” window.

Picasa Select Email

You have three options: default email client, Gmail, and Picasa Mail. I have no idea about Picasa Mail. Tell me about it if you know. For this time, we choose Gmail.

Step 3:

Picasa login Gmail account

After choosing Gmail to send email, you are asked to login your Gmail account.

Step 4:

Here it is, the Gmail compose email interface in Picasa.

Picasa send Gmail photo email

The interface works very similar to Gmail webmail. The address field has auto-complete function, too! The attachment is shown in thumnail, you can have more than one attachments. The maximum attachment size is 10MB.

Step 5 (final) :
All done? Click the “Send” button and Picasa send the email for you, via Gmail.

Picasa send email

The send email progress is showing in colorful bar.

Picasa 2 improves alot. The new features allow us to share photos with friends easier. Have you notice it yet? The whole process is done in Picasa. It does not open any browser window!

However, there is one thing missing. You cannot access Gmail contacts from Picasa Gmail compose interface, though auto complete function helps abit.

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