How to save more on IT Gadgets with ShopBack CashBack


Whatever the politicians say, admit it, the economy is bad in Malaysia. Every thing’s price increased, the only thing that does not increase is your salary.

Online stores are generally cheaper and offer better deals than the brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, I rarely buy at shops but shop online at home, instead.

What if I tell you that you can earn cash while shopping online? Is it a scam? Of course, not! It is a cashback.

ShopBack is the South East Asia’s No.1 cashback company that pays you when you shop online. Visit

Read on to learn how to receive money from ShopBack!

What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is South East Asia’s No.1 cashback website available in 5 countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, India, Indonesia.

ShopBack popular stores

ShopBack popular stores

It helps you to get best deals and discounts on 500 merchants, plus cashback. It includes popular shopping platform like Lazada, Taobao, eBay, ZALORA, Tesco, Groupon and many others. Plus, you can get cashback for IT brands like Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Olympus.

ShopBack already paid out $4.5 million cashback in 2016 to its members!

How does ShopBack work?

Cashback is a program that returns a portion of your purchase when you make online purchase. At ShopBack, they give it back to you as pure cash!

When you shop online through ShopBack, they will receive commission from the merchants. Instead of keeping all the money, ShopBack shares some commission with you — this is called cashback.

The cashback scheme does not increase your purchase price. It is a deal between the merchants and ShopBack. You will still spend the same price, even you do not shop through ShopBack but you can still enjoy the usual voucher codes and bank promotions.

For example, if you buy a Tucano laptop bag for RM299 on Lazada, Lazada gives a 43% discount, you pay RM169. However if you go to ShopBack and click on Lazada to shop, you get an additional 12% cashback on top of the discount! Meaning you get RM20.28 cashback, bringing the price to RM148.72.

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Here’s a table we build for your easy reference for Cashback earnings:

Examples of ShopBack cashback earnings

Examples of ShopBack cashback earnings

Since spending the same amount, we better get cashback by using ShopBack, right? Right! Once that’s done, you can cash out your earnings straight into your bank account. How did we just find out about this?

All you need to do is click and register to receive RM10! Easy money, huh? :)

ShopBack signup referral bonus (code: liewcf)

ShopBack signup referral bonus (code: liewcf)

Free RM10 cash from ShopBack!

Here’s an exclusive ShopBack offer for LiewCF’s readers (You!). Sign up via my ShopBack referral link and you will receive RM10 bonus in your account!
You can also use the referral code “liewcf” in ShopBack mobile app:

  1. Download ShopBack mobile app (Apple App Store/Google Play Store)
  2. Launch ShopBack mobile app for the first time
  3. At the sign up page, scroll down and tap on “enter referral code”
  4. Enter liewcf to receive your bonus.
  5. Complete the new account registration
  6. Ta-dah! You get RM10 bonus in your account!

*I receive no commission shall you sign up via my ShopBack link. You get all the benefits.

Plus, all new sign ups stand a chance to goto Club Med Cherating which worth RM3,000. Shop a minimum RM25 through to have a chance to win the lucky draw! (Check Facebook Page for details and Terms&Conditions)

Getting start with ShopBack mobile app

Shopback mobile app is now available for your iPhone and Android devices. If you have not start yet, follow the steps above to sign up and get RM10 special bonus for LiewCF’s readers.

Shop in ShopBack

Shop in ShopBack

  1. Launch ShopBack app and check out the current promotions to earn more cashback. For example: you get 10% cashback from Qoo10 instead of 5% for IT Fair Special.
  2. Select your favourite store for full details like cashback tiers and latest store deals and discounts.
  3. Tap “SHOP NOW” to redirect to selected store and start shopping right in the ShopBack app.
  4. After check out, your cashback amount updated in your ShopBack account within 48 hours.
  5. When your cashback becomes “redeemable” (depends on the stores), you can cash out via bank transfer. You will receive the money within 7 working days (fraud control).
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Good Deals on ShopBack

By using ShopBack app, you not only receive cashback but you also get to know the latest online stores’ discounts and offers. Look up for stores with a “Money sign ($)” badge for extra cashback. Best of all, ShopBack cashback is applicable to all orders, regardless it is store’s promotion or not.

Example 1: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

ShopBack probably has the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 deal in town — RM200 Lazada promo code + 4% ShopBack cashback (for electronics).

Here’s the calculation:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 retail price is RM3199. Apply RM200 promo code from Lazada:
RM3199 – RM200 (promo code) = RM2999

Receive 4% cashback from ShopBack:
RM2999 – RM119.96 (4% cashback) = RM2879.04

Total saves: RM319.96 (RM3199 – RM2879.04)

*Note: Lazada promo code for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has expired.

Example 2: HP Spectre

HP Spectre

HP Spectre

Interested to buy HP Spectre, the world’s thinnest laptop? Now you can save more with ShopBack. Here’s the calculation;

HP Spectre (13-v025tu) notebook price: RM5999. Apply 10% off coupon code “MY10ALL”:
RM5999 – RM599.90 (10% coupon code) = RM5399.10

Receive 4% cashback from ShopBack:
RM5399.10 – RM215.96 (4% cashback) = RM5183.14

Total saves: RM815.86 (RM5999 – RM5183.14)

Amazing, isn’t it?

IT Fair on ShopBack

Currently, ShopBack is running an online IT Fair. You can get best deals for IT products and earn more cashback.

IT Fair on ShopBack

IT Fair on ShopBack

Sign up ShopBack and receive RM10 bonus now, goto (referral code: liewcf)

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