Streamyx Down and Fixed, again

Just like many other Malaysians, my Internet broadband service — TMNet Streamyx — was unreliable in the last week. The Internet connection kept on disconnecting. If connected (lucky!), it was snail speed broadband connection. How to solve the problem? I called the free service number “100” for 3 times and the technicians troubleshoot my line for 3 times to fix it too.

1st call

My line was very noisy. Called 100 and opened a file. The next day, we received a call from TM technician asking if the line was clear (without visiting my house). Yes, it was clear at that moment. Few hours later, the line noise is back. Streamyx was also down. Called 100 again.

2nd call

The TM technician came in the morning and I hadn’t woke up (typical liewcf’s blogger life style). My brother told me that the technician told him that the phone line was soaking in the water (?!?!). He had clear the water and the line was ok. Good job, fixed in 5 minutes! (although the solution was abnormal)

Again, the broadband connection up for a few hours and down again… Testing our patience huh?

3rd call (finally)

I made the 3rd call in the night. The receptionist wanted me to confirm whether that the problem was about “noisy phone line” or “streamyx”. I said, “both”. You see, you get a noisy phone line thus you get bad broadband connection. I wasn’t sure about the answer he wanted. He seemed more impatient than I was. After holding the phone for a while, he told me that technician would come to check again.

The next day (today), two TM technicians came in the afternoon. I guess he was already fed up with us. :P This time, they did a detail checking. One climbed up to roof, one climbed up to the phone tower. One made 2 test calls to ensure “crystal clear” phone voice quality. Then, they left without saying “bye”. They just “vrooommm…” and gone. I was stunned.

Anyway, my line became normal after that. Phew~ now I can surf online and don’t need to worry about disconnection.

My two cents

Although the TM service is fast (they came at the next day) but the same problem happens every one or two months. Can’t it be fixed permanently?  “Disconnection” should not a problem that broadband users should worry about!

Do I have other choice? No, there is no other broadband provider in my area. No 3G too. I have no choice but use Streamyx for my Internet connection. Everytime streamyx is down, I hope to move to Singapore to enjoy their cheap and fast 10Mbps broadband connection…

Following my friends twitter(@liewcf), I discovered that, recently, Malaysians are faced with increasing Streamyx problems. Are you one of them? Please share you bad/good experience.

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