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This is a guest post by Calvyn from Calvyn is an IT Engineer from Penang. He blogs about Life working experience as a Tech freak.

Currently I am using Maxis 3G broadband basic package (download 384kbps), every month RM68. As you can see, I have written a lot of lousy services I encountered before in my blog. I always look for alternative Internet Service Provider.

Why I did not use Streamyx previously?

Long time ago, my parent has changed the rental fixed line to home prepaid fixed line to cut off the monthly rental fees of RM26. With home prepaid fixed line, simply top up RM50 which may valid for 3 month, and extended 3 month with no outgoing call, calling rate will be slightly higher then normal rental fix line, just like our prepaid mobile phone.

I checked with Kedai Telekom, Streamyx for home prepaid fixed line need to pay additional RM10 per month. Meaning, if a Streamyx Basic Package was RM77 + RM10 = RM87. After the calculation, including prepaid top up, seems like not worth the money. Kedai Telekom does not allow me to switch back to rental fixed line. That is the reason I did not use Streamyx previously.

Streamyx Combo

Recently, Streamyx have one promotion called Streamyx Combo. With the package, I can enjoy a cheaper rate compare to my current Maxis boardband service. The basic package is RM60 (download 384kbps) which comes with a free fixed line (no rental fees) and ADSL modem.

Streamyx Combo

If you are currently using any Streamyx package, you may also change your package to this Streamyx Combo package to save a few bucks.

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Example: Your current package is “Streamyx 512kbps” RM77 + RM26 fixed line rental = RM103. Streamyx Combo 2 with the same speed is only RM90, you saved RM13.

What’s the catch?

I have checked with the customer service and found that for current Streamyx subscriber to switch to the Streamyx Combo promotion, an activation fee of RM75 is required (TM is blood sucker…). This is the hidden fee which did not mentioned in the FAQ section. Anyway, you will still save up some money for a long term.

Besides, the so-called Free ADSL modem is actually “rental”. Once you have terminated the Streamyx Combo package, the modem needs to be returned to TMNET. Unlike the old normal RM77 Streamyx package, the modem is belong to you after a minimum subscription period.

For more information, you may visit for further detail, package and promotion.

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