Upgrading TMNet Streamyx Package

I thought about upgrading my home TMNet streamyx package from 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps in the past. I have now decided to do it last Monday, the day after I left Kuala Lumpur. However, I am quite disappointed.

Day 1: First attempt to upgrade Streamyx

I thought upgrading Streamyx is easy since Tmnet has my account information. But I was wrong. I walked in to Telekom, took a queue number, waited for half an hour, but only to be told that I needed to fill in the application form (as new registration) and a photostat of my dad’s IC (the account is under his name).

I don’t understand why application forms needed to be filled for account upgradings. That was stupid.

Day 2: Second attempt to upgrade Streamyx

Fortunately, my dad was back for a few days to renew his working permit (he is working overseas). I got dad’s photostated IC and signed the Streamyx application form. I walked in to Telekom and submitted the form again, but the staff told me, “I cannot process your application now because the system is down.”

What?! Is the Tmnet system so unreliable? sigh

The staff told me that she will upgrade my account the next day. I had to wait again…

Day 3: Waiting for upgrade…

I woke up this late morning and reset the Streamyx connection… Still 512K. Tmnet hasn’t upgrade my account yet. Let’s see how many days will Tmnet take to upgrade my Streamyx account. Or, have they lost my application form?! If so, I would have to wait for another half a year until my dad comes back! AHhhh!!!

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Checked the upgrade status at Streamyx selfcare web. My upgrade status is:

An error has been encountered while processing your application. Please contact your nearest Kedai Telekom for more information.


The story continued at Part 2, Part 3, and final.

My two cents

I don’t understand why Tmnet made the upgrading process so troublesome. Tmnet should simplify the Streamyx upgrading process to encourage users to use higher Internet connection speeds. If everyone uses high speed Internet connections, Malaysia will achieve advancement in areas of ICT.

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