Review: ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

What’s in your mind when I mention “home alarm system installation”? Expensive cost? Complicated wiring? Messy construction?

What if I tell you that now you can Do-It-Yourselves (DIY) to install a wireless alarm system without a sweat? Would you be interested?

ONVIA VEDO S1 is a wireless alarm system-in-a-box using technology from Korea. You can easily install it and arm your house in an hour.

Unboxing ONVIA VEDO S1

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

VEDO S1 installation box includes a control panel (the brain), a wireless motion detector, a wireless door/window sensor, two wireless remote control, a power adapter (for control panel), a phone line, as well as brackets and screws to install them.


ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

VDEO S1 control panel

The Control Panel looks like a TV set-top box with a flat touch panel on top and curved bottom. The power switch, tamper switch, and built-in siren are located at the bottom. At the back are two phone jacks (in & out), power port and a wired sensor interface.

The half cylinder shape wireless motion detector has a detection window and LED light at the front. It is wireless and powered by 2x AA batteries.

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

wireless door/window sensor

The wireless door/window sensor looks like a soap being sliced. It takes an AA battery and can last for 8-12 months.

The wireless remote control looks like a car remote control with 4 buttons: arm, disarm, stay arm, and emergency call. It has two LED indicators.

How does it work?

The control panel is the brain of the whole wireless alarm system to communicate with all wireless sensors. You can control the control panel via voice-guided keypad, remote control and telephone (call system phone number).

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A telephone line is required to install the DIY alarm system. Setting up the wireless alarm system is easy by following the voice-guide keypad’s step-by-step instruction and user manual.

ONVIA VEDO S1 is highly expandable. You can install up to 50 wireless sensors around the house. The price for wireless door sensor is RM60 and window sensor is RM70.

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

ONVIA VEDO S1 control panel (back)

When an alarm occurs, the built-in siren will hoot loudly (up to 110db) and auto-dialling the pre-set phone numbers. (Yes, cutting the phone wire will trigger the alarm, too!)

For your information, 110db is as loud as a riveting machine or a car horn at 1 meter! It is 16x as loud as a vacuum cleaner (70 dB).

If the alarm is triggered for 5 seconds, VEDO S1 will send a voice message to your phone number to inform which alarm zone has been triggered. You can set up to 5 emergency numbers.

In the case of a blackout, the control panel’s built-in backup battery (7.4V/1000mA) can support up to 16 hours and will call your phone when running low on battery.

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

Inside of wireless motion detector

Wireless Motion Detector‘s infrared sensor is designed to detect human movement indoor. It can distinguish signal between body movement and interference to minimize false alarms. The built-in buzzer will remind you when low battery and sound alarm signal when someone open its case.

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

ONVIA VEDO S1 wireless remote control

The wireless remote control is very handy, just like a car remote control, you can arm/disarm the alarm system with a press of a button. It is perfect as an emergency panic button that you can stick on the wall or put in a pocket. Pressing the SOS button will trigger the alarm and call out to emergency contacts for help.

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System

VEDO S1 wireless door/window sensor

Wireless door/window sensor can be installed at a door, window, or anything that open and close. It will send a signal to the control panel when the magnet mounted nearby is moved away. The tamper protection will trigger an alarm signal if you attempt to move the sensor.

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ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY wireless alarm system has an affordable price, beautiful design, simple setup, easy installation and rich features. You can arm a small bedroom or enroll more sensors to protect the whole bungalow. No wiring. No sweat. Sweet!

Price and Availability

ONVIA VEDO S1 DIY Wireless Alarm System price in Malaysia is RM659 with a 1-year warranty. It is available at Securemark Puchong:

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